Summer at C Lazy U Dude Ranch

It’s 6 am and it’s rush hour – C Lazy U style. There are no cars, traffic jams or exhaust fumes, just horses coming in from the pasture to start their day on the ranch. It’s an amazing sight: a thunderous parade of horses lead by skillful wranglers who corral the horses and saddle them for another day of horseback riding vacations.

For guests, the day starts with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Families sit down for a hearty breakfast together to prepare for an exhilarating day of outdoor activities. Breakfast includes ranch specialties with a western twist, including pancakes, trout, eggs, sausage, and hash browns. Once fortified, the kids head out to enjoy a complete, camp-style agenda filled with adventure and discovery.

The counselors group children by age for journeys guaranteed to keep them wide-eyed and laughing. All activities are magical and educational: horseback riding, treasure hunts, games and more. The exuberance of our kids’ counselors is contagious. Their ceaseless energy and unlimited imagination keeps the kids busy from sun up to sundown. Even naps for the little ones are supervised…so parents can truly relax on their own dude ranch vacations. Adults can take off on horseback knowing the kids are safe and fully-occupied, or relax in the hot tub, take a tennis lesson, or simply unwind.

In the evening, adults enjoy a pleasant and leisurely dinner, while teens and kids have their own special dinner with their counselors. Then families reunite to catch up on the events of the day or sing around the open fire. Families grow closer. Enduring friendships are formed with other guests from around the world. Lifetime memories are made. Each day is a perfect balance of family time, adventure, socializing and relaxation…creating truly perfect Colorado family vacations for everyone!

horses meadow1

C Lazy U Barn in the summer