Summer at C Lazy U Dude Ranch

It’s 6 am and it’s rush hour – C Lazy U dude ranch style. Gone are the revving of engines and the honking of frustrated drivers, replaced with the clattering of hooves and whinnying of horses. Our horses come in from pasture every day at 6 a.m., led by our skilled wranglers and made ready to delight guests of all ages on Colorado family vacations. It’s an amazing sight: a thunderous parade of horses lead by skillful wranglers who corral the horses and saddle them for another day of horseback riding vacations.

The day begins early with fresh brewed coffee and a family breakfast. Kids and parents eat a hearty meal together in preparation for the high-energy activities that are coming their way. We’ve got a ranch-style breakfast with all the fixings: pancakes, eggs, sausage, trout and hash browns. Once everyone is nice and full, kids begin their day of summer exploration and adventure.

C Lazy U dude ranch provides a classic summer camp experience that children will never forget. Kids are grouped together by age, and they make lasting friendships with their peers as they participate in horseback riding, educational games, treasure hunts and more! Our experienced counselors, some of who were once little campers themselves, share their passion for the West and for summer fun. We keep campers entertained throughout the entire day through a variety of activities on their Colorado summer vacation. Even naps for the little ones are supervised so parents can truly relax on their own dude ranch vacations. Adults can take off on horseback knowing the kids are safe and fully-occupied, or relax in the hot tub, take a tennis lesson, or simply unwind.

To wrap up the day’s activities, summer campers and their counselors enjoy dinner together, while parents have their own separate meal. Afterward, families come together in the campfire glow to share their days’ activities. It’s a truly special summer experience where friendships are forged, lifelong memories are created, and each day is a perfect balance of fun, family and friendship as part of your Colorado summer vacation at C Lazy U dude ranch.

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twilight-patio-shotC Lazy U Barn in the summer

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