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Summer & Holiday Children's Program

For more than 70 years, C Lazy U’s Children’s Program and Kid’s Club has helped children and teenagers build confidence and independence with the help of our experienced ranch counselors at C Lazy U’s family dude ranch. Our counselors are always refining the program, which revolves around horseback riding every day. Learn more about the kid’s horse program here.

The children are divided up into four groups based on age. Counselors supervise every age-appropriate activity (from horseback riding to pool time to a game in the Kids Corral) and are with the kids throughout the day. No matter where your child is, he or she will have a counselor nearby.

What makes C Lazy U dude ranch such a great place for kids and teens is the balance of family time and adventure time. During breakfast, lunch and after dinner, families enjoy plenty of quality time together. At C Lazy U guest ranch in Colorado, kids experience a family vacation of a lifetime and are kept busy from sunup to sundown, allowing adults to truly relax knowing that their children are happy, safe, and having fun!

C Lazy U Teen Program (Ages 13-17)

The Teen Program has a lot of horseback riding! Trail rides, cattle pushing and riding clinics are on the agenda. On-ranch the teens will have fun on our ropes course and zip line, playing sports and relaxing in the pool. Their counselors will also take them on supervised trips including an overnight campout, whitewater rafting go-cart racing and a visit to the local rodeo.

Our goal with teens is to make sure they have fun with their peers while still providing the supervision and guidance they need at this critical stage of their development.

Teens awaiting their horses as they head off to a cattle drive

C Lazy U Outlaws (Ages 11-12)

Our pre-teen guests are called the Outlaws and they also spend a lot of time in the saddle. They enjoy trail rides, riding and roping clinics, grooming clinics, swimming (and a swim ride), the ropes course and zip-line, sports, games and the weekly shodeo. Their evening activities are sometimes different from the younger kids so we can provide activities that are more closely geared toward their unique age group.

A group of pre-teens pose for a photo with their counselor

C Lazy U Mustangs (Ages 6-10)

The Mustangs at C Lazy U ranch spend lots of time out on the trails with their horses but also spend time playing games like Capture the Flag and Counselor Hunt. They do cookouts, perform in a talent show, go for hayrides, fish in the pond, swim in the pool and participate in the shodeo just like the Outlaws. They are kept busy every moment of their time in the Children’s Program and generally fall into bed at night ready to sleep and dream about the adventures they’ll have tomorrow.

Kids age 6-10 out on their trail ride

C Lazy U Cowpokes (Ages 3-5)

The Cowpokes at C Lazy U ranch get to do pony rides and are the only age group that gets to go for donkey cart rides! They enjoy activities like ranger tours, scavenger hunts, cookie decorating, arts & crafts at the Kids Corral and of course pool time and playground time. They also participate in the shodeo with the help of their counselors. If they need a nap after lunch, there is time before the afternoon session begins.

Cowpokes do need to be potty-trained in order to participate.

Little girl showing off her blue ribbon from the shodeo

What about Babies and Toddlers under 3?

C Lazy U Ranch does not provide babysitting services for parents traveling with children under 3 (or un-potty trained 3-year-olds) but we can recommend a local service if needed. We are pleased to offer a discounted rate for nannies who come with the family in order to care for the children.

The littlest children are welcome to play in the Kids Corral when the Cowpokes are out on their adventures. The lawn, playground and Patio House are also places where caregivers can hang out with their charges if they want to get out of their cabins.

Kids playing on the playground at C Lazy U

Seasonal Children’s Program Details

Summer kids badge

Summer Children’s Program

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  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday – Monday) 3 night minimum
  • Mid-June through mid-August (Sunday – Sunday) 7 night minimum
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday – Monday) 3 night minimum


  • Counselor Supervision:
    • 8:45am to 12:00pm;
    • 1:45pm to 4:00pm
    • 6:00pm to 8:00pm
  • No counselor supervision 12:00pm to 1:45pm and 4:00pm – 6:00pm


  • Breakfast and lunch are enjoyed together as a family.
  • Adults eat separately from kids & teens for all dinners.
  • No kids under 18 are permitted in the adult dining room during dinner.

Important Things to Know

Horseback riding is not offered on Sundays except for Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends.

Sign Up?

  • The Children’s Program is included for all children ages 3-17.
  • The ranch plans for all children to be in the program, but many activities can be enjoyed as a family by taking your kids out of the program.

Baby Sitting

C Lazy U Ranch does not provide babysitting services but can recommend a local service. No kids under the age of 3 will be allowed in Children’s Program and require a babysitter/nanny. Cowpokes – ages 3 to 5 – must be potty trained. Discounted rates are available for families who bring a nanny who is caring for children under 3 (or un-potty trained 3-year-olds).


Four age groups:

  • Cowpokes (3 – 5)
  • Mustangs (6 – 11)
  • Outlaws (11 – 12)
  • Teens (13 – 17)

Program Activities

All horseback riding and many activities are enjoyed separately from mom and dad with counselors in age specific groups.

Fishing, pool time, counselor hunt, kids carnival, lawn games, cookouts, talent show, line dancing, capture the flag & hayrides.

  • Cowpokes (3 – 5): Arts and crafts, pool time, pony rides, donkey cart rides, movies, cookie decorating, ranger rides and scavenger hunts.
  • Mustangs (6 – 12): Horseback riding, sandwich ride, pool time, grooming clinics, game room, roping, swim ride and shodeo.
  • Outlaws (11 – 12): Same as 6-12 but includes ropes course, separate sandwich ride, some different night activities and some adult meals.
  • Teens (13 – 17): Horseback riding, ropes course, cattle clinics, whitewater rafting, go cart racing, overnight teen campout.

Family Activities

Friday family horseback ride, ropes course, fly fishing, zip line, trap shooting, archery, BB gun shooting, hatchet throwing, pool, spa, white water rafting, guided hiking & guided mountain biking.

Children in the kids program at C Lazy U ride out on a trail ride with their counselors.
Winter kids badge

Holiday Children’s Program

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  • Christmas and New Year’s
    5 night minimum


Counselor Supervision:

  • 8:45 am to 12:00 noon
  • 1:30 – 3:30 pm
  • 6:00 to 8:00 pm


  • Breakfast and lunch are enjoyed together as a family.
  • Adults eat separately from kids and young teens for all dinners except for Christmas Dinner.
  • Teens 16 and older have the option to eat with their parents.
  • No kids under 16 are permitted in the adult dining room.

Important Things to Know

  • Christmas day and New Year’s day are family days; there are no kids programs.
  • Families eat together for Christmas dinner.

Sign Up?

Sign up is not necessary: the ranch plans for all kids ages 3-17 to enjoy the Holiday Winter Children’s Program.

Baby Sitting

C Lazy U Ranch does not provide babysitting services but can recommend a local service. No kids under the age of 3 will be allowed in the Children’s Program and require a babysitter/nanny. Cowpokes – ages 3 to 5 – must be potty trained. Discounted rates are available for families who bring a nanny who is caring for children under 3 (or un-potty trained 3-year-olds).


  • Kids are grouped by age 3-17 and generally do most activities together.
  • Morning activities are dependent on the ages of the kids, interests & weather.
  • There are optional teen specific activities offered throughout the week.
  • In the afternoon, kids have the option to go tubing with or without mom and dad.

Program Activities

  • All horseback rides are enjoyed together as a family, via sign up in the Outfitter’s Cabin, along with all activities outside of the Holiday Winter Children’s Program.
  • AM – Arts and crafts, games in the Patio House, grooming clinics, pony rides for children under 7, sledding and tubing by the pond, ice skating and snow activities.
  • PM Kids 6-12 – Tubing hill
  • PM Teens – Guided cross country skiing or snowshoe lessons, fire building lesson at the warming hut & BB gun biathlon (11 years and older). Indoor Arena equestrian activities such as riding lessons, trail obstacle clinics and/or grooming clinics will also be available upon request (depends on Ranch Hand availability).

Family Activities

Horseback riding, guided snowshoeing, guided cross country skiing, trap shooting, snowmobiling, ice skating and tubing. Indoor Arena activities – BB guns, archery, and hatchet throwing.

A family sets out on a horseback riding during the holidays at C Lazy U Ranch

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Our Pony Express Newsletter is sent once a month and is chock full of fun facts, ranch updates, games and fun facts about the animals on the ranch. Sign up your children today!

Please fill out the form once per email address. For example, if your younger children will receive email at your email address, put their first names in the First Name field, and your email address in the Email field and submit. Then for your teen son who has his own email address, submit the form again with his information.

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