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The C Lazy U Vision

Greener pastures for generations to come

Our Vision

Continue to operate as the Premier Guest Ranch in North America for generations to come, uphold the C Lazy U Ranch legacy, maintain and preserve the land while providing a superior experience for guests and members.

Our Mission

Always exceed our guest and member expectations by providing superior service, accommodations, dining, activities, and amenities while honoring and preserving the traditions of the great American West since 1919.


Conservation & Preservation Efforts

Guests come to the C Lazy U luxury dude ranch for its natural beauty, clean mountain air, recreation, rest and relaxation. To ensure that these elements will be here today and live into the future for all to enjoy, the C Lazy U Ranch is committed to the protection, conservation and preservation of the environment that surrounds the ranch. We have implemented numerous programs to conserve our natural resources.

Use of Timber

The Pine Beetle has devastated tens of thousands of acres of Lodge Pole Pine across Colorado. The ranch has also been affected by this epidemic and has proactively logged thousands of acres to increase re-vegetation and mitigate our exposure to forest fire. We use lumber from the beetle kill to accomplish all of our construction projects. Wood used for cabin remodels, the spa, the Outfitter’s Cabin, and numerous other projects came from dead trees harvested right here at the C Lazy U.

Spring Water

The entire water supply for the ranch is provided by a series of natural springs that flow from Mount Baldy. This includes water in our pool and hot tub. This also means that the water from the tap is about as clean and fresh as one can find. We provide each guest with a reusable water bottle, which eliminates the disposal of an estimated 10,000 one-time use water bottles.

Ecofriendly Housekeeping

To ensure we are conserving water and energy, the ranch offers guests the opportunity to opt out of daily cleaning of towels. If towels are on the floor or in the bathtub we will wash them, but towels hanging on the rack are refolded and left for reuse.

Conserving The Land

The ranch now controls 8,500 acres of land. The current owners are so committed to the ranch’s vision that they work closely with The Nature Conservancy to ensure lasting protection of wetlands and wildlife habitat on several nearby parcels. These efforts ensure that the ranch will preserve the traditions of the Great American West and the natural grandeur of this breathtaking scenery to help make your next Colorado vacation as beautiful as possible!

Additional Conservation Efforts

  • Bathroom facilities have been upgraded with improved fixtures saving an estimated 80,000 gallons of water each year.
  • Recycling bins have been placed throughout the C Lazy U.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs have been installed.
  • We have purchased E85 (Ethanol) Flex Fuel Vehicles.
  • We continue to plant new trees and vegetation throughout the C Lazy U property.

A portion of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service.

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From the Horse's Mouth

Natalie taught us how to ride horses; her instruction was clear, gentle, and kind. She taught us the similarities and differences between English and Western riding. We loved our time with the horses, but especially because Natalie helped us understand how to best interact with the horses. Natalie also helped us on the Feed Wagon ride, which was particularly special for us, because we got to feed horses, watch them eat, and watch them follow the feed wagon. Many thanks to Natalie for helping make this part of our stay magical.

~ Brian & Tyrene, 11-14-2021

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