Winter Packing List (November-March)

   Winter Activity Schedule

Need Winter Gear?

The Ranch recommends an outerwear rental service which is called Kit Lender. They provide winter rental gear that is shipped directly to the ranch for you to use and the best part is when you are done you simply box it up and ship it back to them from the ranch. Due to sizing details and individual preferences and needs, the ranch recommends that guests book this directly with them via the website link below.

Need to Rent Skis?

Winter Park Ski Rental offers a wide variety of Ski and Snowboard Rental Packages and unique policies to not only save you money but allow you to have the best possible experience in Winter Park, Mary Jane or Granby Ranch. Click the link below to book directly with them.

  • Snow pants and jackets- you will probably do most of your activities in these, including horseback riding (remember that you do not generate very much heat when riding a horse, so you are only as warm as you start your ride)
  • Wool! Wool keeps you warm, even when wet, and does, in fact, wick moisture from your body. We love SmartWool here at the ranch (because it doesn’t itch like that old sweater grandma bought for you so many years ago!), but as long as it’s wool, you’re good. Be thinking especially about wool socks, they’ll help keep your toes warm while riding, and wool base layers.
    • Multiple layers are your best bet for staying warm- a great wool base layer, with fleece, flannel or down as a secondary layer (use down only if you’ll be covering it with a waterproof top layer), and then your ski clothing on top.
  • Snow gloves or mittens with a waterproof outer shell. Fleece is only comfortable when it’s dry, and when your kids are rolling around in the snow, those fleece gloves won’t last. If you prefer something thinner to ride in, we recommend Burton’s glove liners, which provide some thickness and warmth, without the bulk of a ski or snowboard glove.
  • Snow boots (insulated preferred)- you’ll be doing just about everything in these too. We say insulated preferred, because we can’t stress enough that you won’t be generating heat while riding, so insulated boots will be doing a little extra work for you!
    • Note- Uggs are very fashionable and most people love that they have the wonderful shearling lining, but their soles are SLICK, provide limited traction, thus making them impractical for walking around the ranch… and they aren’t water proof!
  • Ski goggles- we provide complimentary shuttles to the 2 ski areas in the valley, but goggles are also a good idea for our hay meadow and downhill snowtubing.
  • Warm hats and scarves and balaclava- while there are disagreements between how much heat we actually lose from our head, one thing is certain- your face, head and chest are most sensitive to temperature change, so covering them up will make you feel more comfortable.
    • Make sure that your hat covers your ears!
  • Dinners for Adults (Christmas and New Year’s only- all other winter dinners are family dinners)- Dressing up at the ranch doesn’t require a sport coat, although you may see one or two.  It does typically require a blouse, a collared shirt and your best cowboy boots.   Our guests have fun with western fashion and may often be seen in a fancy western shirt, crisp blue jeans and a handsome belt and cowboy boots. Adult dinner attire has been described as “Cowboy Chic” – men usually wear jeans (or slacks) and a nice button down or sweater, and women have been seen in fur (faux or otherwise), jeans or leggings, ranchy/western dressy skirts and tops. Have a little fun with it– “cowboy-up” and winterize your cocktail attire! For more detailed info on the C Lazy U dress code, please see our Guest Policies page.
  • Dinners for Kids- Dress jeans and nice tops are fine, same as the adults. Do dress them in warm layers as their after-dinner evening activities might be outdoors (night skate and a bonfire, for example), but might be indoors (hide-and-go-seek in the Patio House)
  • Your preferred sunscreen (we’re at about 8,500 ft, and that sun really reflects off the snow)
We provide the following:
  • Ice skates and hockey skates (plus hockey sticks)
  • Snowshoes
  • Cross Country skis and boots
  • A small selection of insulated boots, which we can provide for horseback riding only, so it would behoove you to bring your own for all day use.
  • Non-insulated slickers for riding (such as a windbreaker)
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