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10 Reasons to Visit C Lazy U Ranch This Summer

C Lazy U Summer vacation

Time is quickly running out to book a summer getaway at C Lazy U for 2015 with only two weeks with remaining availability, though it’s never too early to start planning for summer 2016 too! Are you ready for a luxurious outdoor escape in colorful Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains? For anyone who might be on the fence about a Colorado summer vacation stay at our luxury dude ranch, here’s some extra convincing for you.

1. Summer Photo “Mugshot” Contest

If cold lemonade, ginger beer, and moscow mules served up in copper mugs reminds you of summertime, then you’re a perfect contestant for C Lazy U’s “Mugshot” Contest. Share your best C Lazy U snapshots on social media with the hashtag #CLazyUMugShot and you could win a pair of C Lazy U copper mugs, with a new winner chosen each week! Plus, if your photo is the hands-down best of the summer, you could win the grand prize – a free 2-night stay at the ranch this winter.

2. Family Fun – Leave the Kids to Us!

You love your kids, and so do we. That’s why our kid’s programs work well for everyone. You get to take some time to yourself, and we get to have fun in the mountain outdoors with all the youngsters together. Your kids are in good hands with our experienced counselors. Take a breather and leave the supervision to us, then join back up as a family for quality time at meals and in the evening.

3. Wedding Season

C Lazy U has a flair for staging truly Colorado-style ranch weddings. Our wedding coordinator is on hand to put all the details together, set in a picturesque Colorado mountain locale. Groups of 40 or more can rent out the luxury guest ranch exclusively for the wedding event. If you’re lucky enough to receive an invite to a wedding at C Lazy U, clear your calendar and don’t miss it. It may very well be the best wedding you’ll ever attend.

4. Monty & Anna Week

Unleash your inner songbird with a singing and songwriting workshop. Talented husband and wife duo Monty Powell and Anna Wilson are a musical power couple. During the week of August 16-23, they will grace the C Lazy U dude ranch with their performances in an intimate and approachable atmosphere where you can learn and play with the pros.

5. Guided Fly Fishing

Experience Orvis, the gold standard for fly fishing at C Lazy U. Our dude ranch is Orvis certified, so you know that you’re receiving great guidance. Whether you’re a first-timer learning the basics in our pond, or a seasoned fisherman looking for a wilder off-ranch opportunity, we’ll make it happen. You’ll be angling and loving it in no time.

6. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking trails crisscross the ranches 8,500 acres of land. Two-wheel enthusiasts can either take off on their own, or sign up for a guided mountain biking excursion. The ranch’s cyclist guides have something in mind for every level of experience on a bike. Don’t worry about bikes and gear – it’s all here waiting for you.

7. Poolside Relaxation

A family summer vacation isn’t complete without some serious relaxation by the side of a pool. Conveniently, drinks and snacks are just an inner tube’s throw away. The hot tub is perfect for soaking on a chilly high-altitude summer evening during your Colorado summer vacation. You can even take your relaxation to a whole new level by booking a spa treatment.

8. Sports and Games

Just like the neighborhood parks where your kids hang out in the summer, C Lazy U has sports courts where guests can get their game on. Volleyball, basketball, and even bocce ball await the athletic at heart. Or try a classic western pastime like horseshoes for some friendly competition over a cold drink.

9. Glamping

C Lazy U has created the ultimate camping experience for every member of the family, even the one voted least likely to spend the night in a tent. Our luxury camping experience is no ordinary night in a campground. You’ll have our special Outpost to yourselves, where frilly creature comforts and under-the-stars beauty melt together like the chocolate and marshmallow of a tasty s’more. We’ve thought of everything to make sure camping gets remembered as a safe, comfortable, and super-fun pastime.

10. Woodsie Breakfast on Fridays

Dining at the ranch is a rustic gourmet adventure year-round, but during the summer we uphold an extra-special tradition for breakfast on Fridays. Get out of the dining hall for a cookout breakfast outside, where we watch the day warm up over the reservoir with a campfire roaring. On the breakfast menu are drool-worthy items like homemade donuts, trout, fresh fruit, and cowboy coffee.

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