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Why C Lazy U Offers the Ultimate Horseback Riding Vacation

April 1, 2024

Embark on a journey unlike any other at C Lazy U Ranch, where horseback riding isn’t just an activity — it’s a breathtaking opportunity to connect with nature and the authentic spirit of the American West. While there are numerous dude ranches across the country, few match the dedication and care we put into our horses and riding programs. Nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, C Lazy U offers a haven for those seeking to roam the countryside, refine their horsemanship skills, and forge unforgettable bonds with our majestic equine companion

dude ranch horseback riding

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The CLU Horse Program: Where Passion Meets Excellence

C Lazy U Ranch has a herd of more than 200 horses, each of them hearty, athletic, and ready for ranch life and open pastures. Our dude ranch horses are extensively trained by our world-class wranglers before they’re available to guests, getting used to riding on the trail and learning tons of impressive skills.

Family horseback riding at C Lazy U Ranch

Horses are trained and evaluated for all types of riders: advanced riders, beginners, kids, and everyone in between. We don’t treat our horses like they’re just a part of the ranch — they’re cherished members of our family, and it’s this mindset of love and care that allows our animals to be so friendly and ready to bond with new riders. 

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A Handpicked Horse for Every Rider

Your journey begins with a personal interview with our wrangler team, allowing them to tailor your riding experience to your individual needs and personality. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, a daring risk-taker or someone who savors life’s quiet moments, we’ll pair you with the perfect horse, ensuring a seamless connection between rider and mount.

tami burkett caring for horses at C Lazy U dude ranch in Granby, Colorado

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Riding on Real Trails

Some horseback riders avoid visiting dude ranches because they expect to hop on an unkempt horse and ride around in a cramped pen or paved road — but at C Lazy U, guests ride through 8,500 acres of preserved Western landscape on an animal that becomes their partner. With up to two trail rides per day — and additional activities like horsemanship clinics, rodeo competitions, and real cattle pushing — you’ll have ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Colorado while honing your riding skills.

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The Best Horseback Riding for Both Kids and Adults

At C Lazy U Ranch, horseback riding isn’t just reserved for adults — it’s an adventure the whole family can enjoy! Our diverse programs cater to riders of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a memorable and safe experience for everyone. 

Kid getting on a horse at C Lazy U
The kids mount up for a horseback trail ride during their dude ranch family vacation, led by our experienced wranglers and assisted by their counselors.

The C Lazy U Kid’s Horseback Riding Program has been a cornerstone of the C Lazy U experience since 1949, providing young ones with the opportunity to embark on their own equestrian journey. From toddlers to teens, we divide our young riders into age-appropriate groups — Cowpokes (ages 3-5), Mustangs (ages 6-12), and Teenagers — ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and guidance. With trusted horses, trained staff, and top-notch safety equipment, parents can rest easy knowing their children are in the best hands.

Kids age 6-10 out on their trail ride

For adults seeking their own horseback riding adventure, C Lazy U offers a range of options to suit every rider’s desires. Whether you’re looking to explore, refine your horsemanship skills, or experience the thrill of the Wild West in true cowboy fashion, there’s an adventure for every taste — and every season — at C Lazy U. 

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Riding group on horseback at C Lazy U Ranch

Unforgettable Memories Await

Join us at the award-winning C Lazy U Ranch and discover why a horseback riding vacation with us isn’t just a getaway — it’s the adventure of a lifetime. With expertly trained horses, stunning scenery, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, your time with us promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Come ride with us and experience the magic of C Lazy U Ranch, where every hoofbeat echoes the spirit of the West. Contact us to reserve your spot today! 


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From the Horse's Mouth

Brook and Alana were so wonderful and encouraging to our son. It was our visit visit to the ranch and his first time on a horse and they really took great care of him. Braley was such a joy as and so helpful on the daily. Mike was our first introduction to the ranch and through our visit he was so engaging and helpful, always had a greeting for us each day and if he didn't know the answer to our questions he made sure he would find out for us.

~ Dani B., 09-06-2021

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