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Inside the Ranch: Interview with a C Lazy U Guest

September 16, 2022

C Lazy U isn’t just a luxury dude ranch vacation destination – we’re a garden to plant memories that grow more cherished with every season. We’re a taste of the authentic American West. We’re a home away from home. We’re a place for families to grow stronger, together. 

It’s no wonder that guests of C Lazy U leave feeling so excited about their visit. Many guests become regulars at the ranch and can’t wait to tell others about their experiences. Truly, there’s no better way to get to know the C Lazy U experience than through the eyes of a guest. In this new blog series, we’ll take a look at interviews with repeat visitors of the ranch to discover their favorite pieces of C Lazy U.

Today, we catch up with the Dragoslavic family: Goran, Terri, and their three wonderful children, Max, Virginia, and Christopher. 

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The Dragoslavic Family

The Dragoslavic family, originally from Serbia and now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, are big enthusiasts of all C Lazy U has to offer. The family first came to the ranch in 2018, and they’ve since spent a total of five trips to the property, returning every year for the first summer family week in June. 

Where Business Meets Play

In addition to his family getaways, Goran also brought his Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Forum for a retreat in the fall of 2019. Goran has been in EO for 24 years, and discovered C Lazy U through the ranch’s extensive involvement in Entrepreneurs Organization and Young Presidents Organization retreats. Goran’s group rented out the entire Roundup Cabin, consisting of 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 8 private units. They came in the fall and loved the crisp air, brilliant foliage, and adult-only atmosphere. In addition to meetings with a view, the group shared in exciting teambuilding and nightly celebration.    

Favorite Things

What do the Dragoslavics love the most about C Lazy U? Horseback riding over the trails and 8,500 acres of Colorado countryside is obviously a big favorite for the whole family. Goran has fond memories of Hass, the horse he was paired with, a strong animal with explosive speed. All that power doesn’t stop Hass from being a gentle giant, though, and after hitting a branch while taking a shortcut, Hass stopped everything to check on and ensure the safety of his companion. The whole family is always amazed at how responsive and caring the ranch horses are. 

Goran and his friends also love to hit the tennis courts in the afternoon, and the family is looking forward to the coming addition of pickleball courts at the ranch. 

Another highlight for the Dragoslavics is the incredible dining, all crafted by Executive Head Chef Cory Untch. Goran’s favorite meal is lunch, as he especially enjoys the daily rotating assortments of farm-fresh salads. Breakfast is Goran’s second-favorite, owing to an oatmeal he claims is “out of this world.” Every meal is a treat, though, and the Dragoslavics can’t get enough of the healthy, fresh, and – most importantly – mouthwatering menu items Chef Cory serves daily. 

Summer Thrills

June is the Dragoslavics’ favorite time of year to visit. They love the magnificent start to summer on the ranch and piggy-back their stay with an additional week in the Colorado mountains (this year after the ranch, the family headed to Breckenridge).  All of the friends the Dragoslavics made on the ranch also come the same week in June, and that sense of community and camaraderie has been a powerful aspect of each stay. The Dragoslavics, along with their friends, the Gregorys, the Boltons, and the Nelsons, all spend their days at the ranch riding, partying, and playing together. The eldest Dragoslavic children are adults, but the youngest, Max, knows all the kids his age and has developed many lifelong friendships from involvement in the kids’ programs

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New Traditions in the Old West

The Dragoslavics know that a family vacation isn’t just an escape, it’s also a powerful time of bonding as a family unit. C Lazy U provides them the space and the ability to do that while also allowing them to feel free within nature. The Dragoslavics have made it their annual tradition to visit every summer, and they plan to continue this tradition every year, even as the family grows. They consider the ranch an incredibly welcoming environment and a fantastic getaway into a land that remains wild and enchanting. 

Ready to start your own family tradition – or just looking for the perfect weekend getaway? Reserve your spot in the West today! 

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