Horseback Riding Vacations

Horseback riding vacations at the C Lazy U dude ranch can be as tame or as wild as your heart desires. Anybody of just about any riding ability can enjoy a vacation in the saddle! When you arrive, our head wrangler will match you with the perfect horse for your week-long adventure, and with over 180 horses in our herd, we are sure to have a horse that matches your ability and personality. Children break up into groups according to age and meet their new friends for the week and are introduced to our fantastic kids’ counselors.

Adult and Kids Horseback Riding Programs

Whoa BoyAdults and children have different levels of riding ability and to ensure everyone enjoys their vacation, we have separate riding programs for adults and kids. But not to worry…you will all spend lots of time riding, and you will get the opportunity to ride together on a family ride. Meanwhile, adults go out up to twice daily on trail rides — morning and afternoon — and we even have an all-day ride. Cattle working and instructional rides are all part of the agenda for grown-ups.

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Morning RideKids break up into three groups according to age and ability level, and enjoy riding with their peers. Kids learn basic riding skills if necessary, and spend time expanding on those skills in the arena and out on the trail. The littlest cowpokes have the exclusive privilege of being pulled in a cart by Petey the Donkey. Whatever age your children are, they are sure to enjoy their horseback riding vacation at C Lazy U!

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When You’re Not In the Saddle…

A great horseback riding vacation is not just about riding. Really! When you’re not in the saddle, you can participate in many other ranch activities for the ultimate in Colorado family vacations. Ease your aching muscles in the hot tub or visit the Lazy You Spa. Ride a bike on mountain trails, play tennis or just lounge around at the pool. In the evenings we offer fancy and fun dude ranch nightly entertainment that’s fun for families, couples and singles alike. At night you’ll sleep like a baby and awaken in the morning to do it all over again!