Horseback Riding at C Lazy U


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Head Wrangler Bill Fisher

Head Wrangler Bill Fisher


C Lazy U is one of the premier horseback riding ranches in Colorado, and we offer you the power, beauty, freedom and the desire to shout out “Yeeeeha!!” Horseback riding vacations introduce each guest to a horse from among a herd of over 180 to find the perfect fit for each individual’s riding ability. Children aged 3-5 ride our pony named Katie so they will be comfortable and ready to graduate to riding the big horses when they get older.

Horse and rider refine their skills together as one, with a friendly daily routine that makes horseback riding part of the adventure. Our horses have a variety of demeanors that range from gentle to spirited. Expect to share a special relationship with your horse, one that is built on patience and the mutual respect you gain during your week-long time together.

Our wranglers guide the mountain horseback trail rides, giving tips to riders along the way. On any given day, you can take expert horsemanship lessons: choose from instructional, slow, medium or advanced instruction riding tours, or ask for a one-one-one riding lesson that concentrates on specific skills. We often host riding clinics with special guest instructors at various times throughout the year.

The C Lazy U is also a working cattle ranch, and in the summer you can participate in cattle drives and other cowboy adventures.

Our 12,000 square foot, heated indoor riding arena provides year-round riding enjoyment for your Colorado family vacations. Our outdoor arena is the place to be on Saturday afternoons when guests showcase their skills during the all-ages “Shodeo.” With horseback riding a daily feature of life on the ranch, there’s nothing like sharing the new skills you acquire during the week. Everyone in the family will be practicing and preparing for the big “Shodeo” where they get to showcase their equestrian skills and compete in horseback riding contests and events. The kids are the stars of the show as they perform the skills they’ve acquired throughout the week. Every participant leaves with a C Lazy U ribbon to show their accomplishments during the Shodeo.

Showing the colors at the Shodeoaround the course