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Cowboy Slang for Your Western Vacation

July 12, 2022

July 23rd is National Cowboy Day! What better place to celebrate than C Lazy U Ranch? 

Your dude ranch getaway is going to be the adventure of a lifetime – an enchanting escape into the authentic landscape of the American West. Amidst all the horseback riding, farm-to-table freshness, and country fun, you might be so wrapped up in the experience that you wish you had some cowboy words to spice up your dialog.   

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to inject some western flavor into your vocabulary! 

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horses up close

Western Slang to Know

Above Board

Something that is honest and legitimate. “The poker games here are all above board.”


This term comes from poker, but was also used to refer to things that were fine, luxurious, and respectable. “The lodges at C Lazy U sure are ace-high.” 

Airin’ the Lungs

Cussing. “Hey, no airin’ the lungs out here! This is a family getaway.”

Barn Sour

When a horse wants nothing more than to be in the barn. “I was worried Remi would be barn sour today, but all he wanted to do was explore the pasture!” 

Desert Canary

A donkey, like C Lazy U residents Tilly, Wilbur, and Petey


The typical cowboy greeting. “While you boys are out hatchet throwing, I’m going to say howdy to the Lazy You Spa.”


A non-cuss exclamation. “Tarnation! Chef Cory sure can cook the perfect steak!”


Someone young or new to a job. “Our daughter may be a tenderfoot, but have you seen how they taught her to ride that horse? She’ll be a pro in no time!”

That Dog Won’t Hunt

That idea or plan won’t work. “Jane is trying to teach her husband about western fashion, but that dog won’t hunt.”

Too Much Mustard

A braggart, or the quality of bragging too much. “Jake beat us all at trap shooting, and now he’s got too much mustard for my liking.” Alternatively, you can say that someone is “too big for their britches.” 


The cowboy way of saying “vermin.” Usually refers to a small or medium-sized animal, or a disreputable individual. “Did you see any varmints on the trail?” Or, “Those old West outlaws sure were some foul varmints!”  

Wobblin’ Jaw 

A big talker… maybe someone who talks too much. “I’d love to take Uncle Bill fly fishing… but he’s a bit of a wobblin’ jaw and might scare the fish.” 


A coward. This term most-likely comes from the medieval medical belief in the “four humors,” where too much yellow bile was thought to make a person behave irrationally. “Jim was acting a little yellow-bellied before we did the ropes course… but now the zipline and trapeze are all he can talk about!” 


The classic western expression of enthusiasm and excitement. You probably know it. Have you ever used it? If you’ve planned an all-inclusive trip to C Lazy U dude ranch – we guarantee you’ll be saying it soon!

cow girls pushing cattle
You dude ranch experience can include cattle pushing. We will make anyone a cowboy or cowgirl at our Colorado ranch!

The Spirit of the West, Come to Life

C Lazy U isn’t just an all-inclusive guest resort, it’s also a whirlwind experience that stays with guests long after they’ve left. Want to make your next vacation unforgettable? Start planning your stay, and contact us today!

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