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Western Fashion Tips for Serious Cowboy & Cowgirl Style

July 1, 2022

When you and your family are exploring 8,500 acres of wild pastures and mountains on horseback, casting a line in a crystal-clear river, shooting trap, or swapping stories over a bite around the fire – you’ll be so swept-up in the unforgettable magic of your dude ranch vacation… that you might wish you looked the part.

As a dude ranch and guest resort that’s been in operation for over a century, at C Lazy U we know a thing or two about authentic western style. Our wranglers know that looking good and having confidence are big parts of the cowboy & cowgirl lifestyle. Since our staff can teach anyone to ride a horse like a champ (regardless of age or experience), we figured they might be able to teach a lesson or two about authentic cowboy fashion.

Western Style Essentials


Whether they’re rugged, showy, or elegantly understated, you want to make sure that you have a sturdy and comfortable pair of boots for the ranch. We recommend Ariat, Justin, Corral or Old West brands for an inexpensive but reliable set that will treat your feet right. In addition to durable construction, these brands don’t skimp on looks, providing style along with their well-known reliability.

If you’re looking for a boot that you can wear out on the town as well as on the ranch, our fashion-forward wranglers recommend Lucchese and Old Gringo brand boots- both are making a boot with all the elegance and sophistication of a time since passed, antiqued in all the right places, and with leather softer than a newborn calf. These brands pride themselves on their handmade, bespoke, high-quality products, and you’ll be able to take special pride in these boots – though the quality can carry quite the price tag. 

Regardless of what brand and style you choose, remember that if you buy a pointed-toe boot you’ll want to go up a half-size for comfort. And no matter what, wear your new boots several times to break them in before bringing them to the ranch – your feet will thank you!

Ariat Boots
Ariat Boots
Simple Justin work boot
Simple Justin work boot
Hand stitched Old Gringo boot
Hand stitched Old Gringo boot
Hand stitched Lucchese boot
Hand stitched Lucchese boot


For the hard-working wranglers on the ranch, there’s only one choice for quality jeans… can you guess the name? Wrangler brand lives up to its namesake. Jeans from this industry leader are sturdy, with the classic riveted look and thick denim – perfect for the cowboy or cowgirl that spends long hours in the saddle or out fencing. If you want to saddle yourself up in the most authentic pair of pants possible, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Wranglers – and ladies, don’t worry, Wrangler has options that are as flashy and sassy as they are sturdy.

Wranglers in Wranglers
Wranglers in Wranglers

For those of you looking for a jean that looks and functions as well in the city as on the range, 7 For Mankind, BKE, and Diesel are all fashionable and reliable brands (and seen on our guests quite often).

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If you’ve taken the time to invest in a pair of good jeans for your ranch stay, the last thing you want is to be caught with your pants down! The best way to keep your britches up during the day – and add a bit more clout to your appearance – is with a classic western-style symbol: a big, shiny belt buckle. There was a time when the only way to earn one of these bad boys was to sit a bull for 8 seconds or have the best ride on a bucking bronc’ that wanted nothing more than to put your face into the dirt… but now the hardest part of getting a buckle is picking which one you like best! Want a touch of C Lazy U to take home? Our store carries a wide array of buckles for you to choose from, ranging from little rounds to serious bling.

Gold and silver plated C Lazy U belt buckles dress up any western outfit
Gold and silver plated C Lazy U belt buckles dress up any western outfit

If you’re looking for something special prior to your stay, Montana Silver Smiths carries a variety of well-made buckles. You can also stop into Sheplers or Boot Barn and browse for an elegant buckle to accent your western ‘fit.


We’ve saved the best for last. One part of the cowboy look you don’t want to add to your ensemble is a leathery face, and the best way to keep away the sun is with – you guessed it – a classic cowboy hat. There are all different kinds of materials and styles to choose from: palm leaf hats are very popular, owing to their lightweight but sturdy construction; felt hats (once made with beaver fur) are traditional too and can dress up an outfit even when dirty; modern “Nashville country star” styled fashion hats (ala Tim McGraw) have become increasingly popular over the past few decades; and the “telescope” or “gambler” style is popular with fans of Clint Eastwood and classic spaghetti western fans. Consult the chart below for a better idea of all the shapes that you can find hats in, and if you’re feeling adventurous, think about having a hat custom-made. A bespoke hat will last a lifetime and you’ll get exactly what you want. Check out Colorado Hats and Company in Estes Park, Colorado for the real deal!

Tim McGraw style hat
Tim McGraw style hat
Reata Hat
Reata Hat
Take a look at which style fits your personality best!
Take a look at which style fits your personality best!

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Seasonal Style and Preparation

Is it your first time coming to the dude ranch? You’ll want to know how to prepare for your trip, as well as how to handle packing for the Summer & Fall or Winter & Spring. Don’t worry, no matter the season, there are plenty of opportunities to flaunt your dude ranch fashion. More importantly, at C Lazy U, you’ll be comfortable and have fun year-round

Well, what are you waiting for? All that’s left now is for your impeccably well-dressed family to come on out to the ranch. Experience one of the best all-inclusive resort experiences in the world… and look great doing it!

Contact us to plan your trip today.

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11 responses to “Western Fashion Tips for Serious Cowboy & Cowgirl Style

    1. Do not forget a Bandana as keeps Hay n Diet from going down your Shirt n making you itch for redt if the Day.

  1. Fun tips!

    My personal take is that unless you are an actual wrangler, you should limit your cowboy attire to two pieces. Like hat and boots – or buckle and boots

  2. Why is it everyone tries to push pointy “roach stompin” boots for women? A round or an oval toe is much more attractive & useful. It’s just my opinion, but I’ve worn boots most of my life (since age 3 & I’m only 74 now).

  3. Absolutely! Good pair of Lucchese or T Lamas (or new guys Tecovas) are worth the investment. Goat breathes a little better and ostrich wears like iron. Add a Resistol or Stetson hat, a wild rag bandana coupled with Weanglers and you won’t look the guys on City Slickers…

  4. I do not like sharply creased hats. I do not like square-toe boots but I do not like pointy-toe boots either. Wranglers are my pants and I always wear a belt. You have not mentioned shirts. A good clean, ironed long sleeve button down collar looks the best in my opinion. If you want to know the truth, George Strait looks better than most in his attire.

  5. Good tips for those who are unsure of what we wear. My girlfriend sent this link. Personally, I wear White’s out of Spokane, WA
    The one person said you should limit your attire if you are not a wrangler, I think that should be left up to the individual, but it’s a nice site with good information.

  6. I’m not a fan of hats with sharp creases, nor do square-toe boots appeal to me, and pointy-toe boots aren’t my preference either. Wranglers make up my choice of pants, and I always pair them with a belt. Surprisingly, you haven’t asked about shirts. In my opinion, a well-maintained, neatly ironed long-sleeve button-down shirt with a collar looks the finest.

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