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An Inside Look at C Lazy U’s First Seasonal Food and Wine Event

April 15, 2024

Food and wine are serious affairs at C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado. With stunning farm-to-table fine dining and numerous Wine Spectator awards, a food and wine event series seemed like a no-brainer for the ranch. As we wrap our first weekend in this ongoing series, we look back fondly on an amazing experience that showcased the best of wine, cuisine, and the power of a meal shared together. 

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Our First Food & Wine Pairing Event

The inspiration behind our food and wine pairing event was our amazing culinary team and star sommelier, Tony Collier. We wanted to showcase Tony’s incredible knowledge and passion for pairing wine with exceptional dining experiences. Tony was thrilled by the opportunity to offer a culinary spread that featured more courses and more carefully-crafted, delicate portions, with more time for guests to sit and savor the wealth of flavors and textures on display. 

This first of our seasonal Wine & Dining series was set in winter, a more calm, quiet, and contemplative time of the year. With this winter tasting, guests could slow down a bit to crack a book by the roaring fire, enjoy a cross country ski or snowshoe outing, and come back at the end of the day to partake in a wonderful culinary experience showcasing Tony’s passion for creating a delicious fusion of culinary artistry and some of the best wines in the world.

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Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

For the weekend, the plan was to build an event where guests could enjoy the ranch for all its wonders while also sprinkling in offerings that would allow everyone to slow down a little and savor curated bites and beverages from around the world. Thursday night featured Northern Italian cuisine, Friday highlighted Spanish food, and Saturday finished with our classic American Western fare and a special whiskey tasting. Tony called the Spanish food a particular high point of the weekend, singling out the classic lamb with Rioja, a PX Sherry with dessert empanadas, and an oaked Viura with sablefish and a savory pil pil sauce.

White wine glass sits near upscale cuisine on a wooden table

The intention was to take time and make dinner the final and grandest experience of each night, with coursed tasting menus that lasted several hours. The experience and wonderful atmosphere was rounded out with some fantastic storytelling and culinary education from Tony, allowing guests to share their evenings around the table clinking glasses and growing a greater understanding and appreciation for what was on their plate. Everyone left satisfied, and the weekend was a stunning success!

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Person holds a glass of wine with a food pairing on the table

More Culinary Experiences to Come

This winter culinary event was only the beginning! If you’re a foodie drawn to the call of the wild and looking for a meal that’s a whole experience unto itself, this is the perfect event series for you. With a tasting weekend at C Lazy U Ranch, you get to experience all our all-inclusive offerings — our famous activities, luxury lodgings, horseback riding, and 8,500 acres of authentic Western countryside — while also journeying on an elevated culinary & wine adventure you’ll remember forever. 

Is your mouth watering yet? 
Make sure to be on the lookout for more special events at our ranch near Denver coming soon, and if you simply can’t wait, book your reservation today!

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