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Cory’s Kitchen: Summer 2022 Edition

June 24, 2022

It’s finally Summer in the Rocky Mountains, and that means C Lazy U Ranch is painted with lush greenery and golden Colorado sunshine. Whether your days at the ranch are packed full of thrilling activities and western excitement, or spa pampering and self-reflection, you’ll need meals as grand as the West to keep you going. It’s a good thing, then, that Executive Chef Cory Untch has mastered making mouth-watering gourmet courses that are as satisfying and flavorful as they are fresh. Cory’s newest seasonal menu is up-and-running, and the culinary maestro can’t wait to share every delectable surprise!   

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summer at c lazy u dude ranch

Perfecting Summer With Simplicity

Summer heat means lighter meals of authentic farmhouse flavors featuring subtle but scintillating notes of international flair. Heavier touches from the winter months – like cream and butter – are rotated-out in favor of lighter seasonal inclusions, like olive oil and citrus. And, of course, that star of summer is here: wood fire grilling.  

This year, Cory sought to make the perfect summer menu with a balanced approach of simplicity, excitement, and satisfying flavors. Fresh summer ingredients are on show, like perfectly-ripened tomatoes, juicy melons, and evocative floral combinations. Subtle coastal Asian inspirations add variety to the menu, and exciting inclusions from South American wood-firing traditions allow choice cuts of bison, elk, and antelope to reach their most savory potential. 

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Great Food Brings People Together

The best part about summer dining at C Lazy U guest ranch? Cooking and eating in the environment with the best ambiance in the world: the great outdoors! Clear weather brings Cory the opportunity to grill right in front of guests and share his incredible passion for the culinary arts (Friday camp-cooked breakfasts at Woodsie Lookout are always a guest favorite). What better way to bring people together than summer grilling? 

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Table set with copper utensils and gourmet food on the plates
C Lazy U dining table set with copper utensils and gourmet food on the plates

Chef Cory’s Favorite Summer Dishes

With so many mouth-watering bites on offer, it’s hard to go wrong with any item from this season’s selection. The menu rotates every day, so make sure to look-out for some of Cory’s favorite dishes! 

Favorite summer breakfast: Woodsie house-made bacon and blueberry donuts are a match made in heaven,

Favorite summer lunch: Grilled tomato and mozzarella sandwiches with aromatic basil

Favorite summer dinner: Wood-fired bison, elk, or antelope (though the grilled Branzino with angel hair pasta is a close contender).

Favorite summer drink: Nothing says “summer” like a smooth tequila cocktail! 

Summer at the ranch is unforgettable, and so are the flavors! A stay at C Lazy U means an incredible experience – for every sense.  

Contact us today, and book a trip as big and bold as the American West.   

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