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Why We Love Summer Horseback Riding

C Lazy U offers horseback riding year-round, but there’s just something special about summer riding. The warm breeze, bright blue skies, and long summer days create the perfect environment for trail rides. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there’s tons of reasons to love summer horseback riding at C Lazy U. 

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Gorgeous Weather 

Summer at C Lazy U is the perfect blend of bright sunshine and mild temperatures. Tucked in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the dude ranch offers a much-needed escape from the summer heat most Colorado cities experience.  Even the hottest months average around 75° F, so you can enjoy a comfortable ride without getting overheated.  

Unforgettable Views 

We think everything looks better when riding on horseback, and the summer landscape is no exception. You’ll enjoy hundreds of bright and colorful wildflowers, pine trees, and aspens dotting the 8,500 acres of ranch land. As you and your horse navigate the trails, you’ll also take in clear views of the mountain range, including the Continental Divide. 

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All-day Rides

Summer brings longer days and beautiful weather and we want to make sure you can soak up every last drop of sunshine. We offer two trail rides per day most of the year, but during the summer months, adult riders have the option to take an all-day ride. These longer rides let you explore more of the ranch’s beautiful property and give you more time to bond with your horse and fellow riders.  

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Active Wildlife 

Our location means wildlife often passes through (or lives on!) ranch land. Horseback riding is one of the best ways to spot some of Colorado’s wildlife since animals aren’t as spooked by horses as they would by other vehicles. If you’re lucky, you may spot deer, antelope, elk, fox, or even a bald eagle on your trip! 
Are you ready to pack your bags for your summer horseback riding trip? Call C Lazy U today to schedule your next vacation. We can’t wait to hit the trails with you!

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We took our kids (ages 12, 10 and 9) and had a great time. Plenty to do for everybody. We rode horses, went tubing, and skiing. The staff is very friendly and ready to help with any request. The food was amazing.

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