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A Day in the Life of a C Lazy U Donkey

January 29, 2024

C Lazy U isn’t just a guest ranch and award-winning resort — we’re also a fully functioning dude ranch, upholding over 100 years of Western tradition. In addition to our herd of over 200 horses, C Lazy U is home to a variety of ranch animals, including our fan-favorite staff members: Tilly & Wilbur the miniature donkeys!

These mini donkeys (also known as Sicilian donkeys) pretty much run the show on the ranch. As the sun rises over the sprawling fields and the frost glistens on the wildflowers, our miniature donkeys begin their day — sure to be rife with gentle adventures and simple joys. Let’s trot along with them and peek into the heartwarming world of these adorable, four-legged friends.

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donkey's hugging

What Does a Day in the Life of a C Lazy U Donkey Look Like?

The donkeys tend to spend much of their time out in the pasture with the horses. Donkeys like Tilly and Wilbur are often used to protect horse herds due to their natural guarding instincts. Their braying and aggressive behavior towards threats can deter predators, providing a sense of security (and companionship) for the horses.

On days when the herd stays out in the pasture, the donkeys like to patrol the field and look for the best pile of hay to nap in. When the herd comes in, the donkeys jingle into the corral with all of the horses. They’ll spend their day relaxing in the corral and will often make appearances at grooming clinics. At the end of the day, they jingle back out to pasture with the herd. The donkeys like to be the caboose of the jingle, so look out for them at the very back of the group!

What are the Donkeys’ Personalities Like?

Wilbur is mellow, but very friendly! He takes a calm approach to life and adores people. Tilly, on the other hand, is a bit of a primadonna with a taste for mischief. She may play hard to get, but she’s actually very affectionate and loves scratches and pampering of all sorts. 

Petey the Donkey is our amazing dude ranch mascot (and a shameless lover of hugs and kisses).

Do the Donkeys Each Have Any Best Friends on the Ranch?

Tilly and Wilbur are BFFs and mostly hang out with each other. Occasionally, a horse will get interested and try to befriend them, but the donkeys would rather just spend quality time together! Since Tilly likes causing trouble, the better-behaved Wilbur is often drawn into her mischievous schemes (usually attempts to get more snacks).

Do the Donkeys Have Any Favorite Activities?

Besides napping and snacking, the donkeys love being cared for by the wranglers. They enjoy a nice spa day and love a good party — in the warmer months they are often spotted at happy hours!

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If Guests Want to Say Hello to the Donkeys, How and When is Best to Do So? 

Tilly and Wilbur love to meet their admirers! If you or your family would like to say hello to the donkeys, come chat with the folks down at the barn. A wrangler can help figure out the best time for a quality meet and greet with our fuzzy celebrities. 

To see the donkeys (and everything else the ranch has to offer), contact us and start planning your great American vacation today!

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