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Inside the Ranch: Interview with Three Guest Families in the C Lazy U Community

October 26, 2022
Young boy horseback riding at C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado.

A trip to C Lazy U dude ranch and resort isn’t just about the animals, the activities, and the scenery – it’s also about the people you meet, the friendships you make, and the incredible community you become a part of. 

Today we’re taking a behind the scenes look with three families that have found this level of community to be their favorite part of the C Lazy U experience: the Durgans, the Kehoes, and the Weitzs. These families have all become friends with each other as well as many other families within the C Lazy U community, and they’re each part of what makes the ranch one of the most special places in the West. 

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The Durgan Family

The Durgan family have been staying at C Lazy U every year since 2001 (only missing 2002, 2020, and 2021). They discovered the ranch via a work colleague and our Young Presidents Organization events. Being from across the pond in the UK, the Durgans were excited about a fun family vacation that would lend insights into American western culture while providing opportunities to make international friendships. The Durgans have found that on the typical holiday or vacation, there’s really no time or opportunity to meet and connect with other families – but they say the magic of a C Lazy U vacation is that you get to interact with friendly, compassionate people from all over. At the ranch they met so many other families – the Madisons, Livingstons, Solies, Baileys, Fleets, Pitts, Kehoes, and Weitzs – and all have developed lifelong friendships.

These families have now all been to each other’s homes and have connected all over the world, including in Montreal, Italy, Switzerland, London, Texas, Florida, and California. The horseback riding program, excellent food, immersive activities, and five-star accommodations keep them returning to the ranch, but so does the tradition of coming together in the great American West with their extended C Lazy U family. 

Young girl kissing horse at C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado

The Kehoe Family

This year will be the Kehoe family’s eighth year in a row visiting C Lazy U. They always visit on the exact same week, with the biggest reason being that they come to spend time with the people and other guests they’ve forged strong friendships with. Albina Kehoe found the ranch because of her daughter, Emma. The Kehoes wanted a family experience for Emma like no other, and they were drawn to C Lazy U because it had all the things other resorts didn’t – not just horseback riding and amazing Rocky Mountain scenery, but also a wealth of unique, all-inclusive activities like zip lining, guided fishing, archery, hiking, biking, and so much more. But there was something else they found that the other resorts didn’t have: camaraderie, kindness, and lasting friendship.

“The ranch changes your life,” says the family. Wholesome connections with other families, like the Durgans, provides the Kehoes with a different kind of community experience, and a “major contrast” to the stresses of modern urban living. 

The Weitz Family

The Weitz family has been visiting the ranch since 2001. They were drawn in by an article in a gourmet cooking magazine, and were enticed the number and quality of activities for both kids and adults. Their children entered the C Lazy U kids’ program when their son was three and daughter was twelve, and there has been something novel and exciting for the children to partake in every time they’ve visited. The owners of the ranch have made the family feel incredibly welcomed, and the Weitzs have formed strong bonds with them as well as the many other families that embrace the western-style hospitality that C Lazy U champions. The quality of the people and conversation has enchanted the Weitz family and allowed them to learn about different cultures that exist both in the US and abroad. The kids are able to bond with their peers and develop a wealth of experiences and perspectives that have enriched their lives and will continue to do so with every subsequent visit.

Silhouette of woman on horse at dusk at C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado

An Experience Like No Other

A vacation doesn’t have to be merely a journey to a new location – it can also be an exciting opportunity to engage in that which makes the human experience most special: the sharing of life and the building of community. At C Lazy U, there’s a place for everyone. Enduring companionship is forged in the heat of the campfire, and stories swapped on horseback become the foundations of lifelong friendships. Our guests may leave the ranch, but the ranch never truly leaves them. 

Looking to become part of the family? Book your stay today, or apply for a position in the great American West. 

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