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Plan Your Family Reunion At C Lazy U Dude Ranch

May 5, 2021

Whether you’re reconnecting with a dozen cousins or creating an event for hundreds of relatives, planning a successful family reunion can be a challenge. Luckily, C Lazy U makes it easy. This all-inclusive dude ranch is set in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and offers breathtaking views, mouthwatering food, and plenty of activities for every member of the family.  Learn more about planning your next family reunion (large or small) at C Lazy U!  

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Best Family Vacation Destination In The West 

For years, C Lazy U has been named a top family vacation destination in the US, and it’s no wonder why! With outstanding family-friendly activities like horseback riding, fly fishing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, and more, your entire family can make unforgettable memories together. In addition to adventures fit for the whole family, C Lazy U offers a specialized Kids & Teens Program to help kids ages 3-17 bond with their peers, explore the ranch, and participate in age-appropriate activities. While the children are at play, the adults in your family can visit the Lazy You Spa or enjoy more challenging activities like trap shooting

Gourmet Meals Specialized For You

Don’t worry about your uncle’s gluten allergy or making your cousin a vegetarian-friendly alternative – we’ll do it for you! C Lazy U’s gourmet chef whips up three delectable meals every day, customized on your family’s unique dietary preferences. With the perfect balance of flavors and farm-to-table ingredients, every meal will become an experience you can enjoy and look back on fondly.  

Endless Bonding Activities

At C Lazy U, bonding activities are endless. Bond with your family on the ropes course, take in Colorado’s beauty on hiking or mountain biking trails, or take it easy and enjoy each other’s company poolside. Meals are served family-style, allowing you to truly “share” your meal with your family. Even our luxury lodging provides opportunities to bond. Most of our cabins are equipped with real, wood-burning fireplaces, so you can swap stories while watching the fire.   

Room for Everyone

With sprawling acres of land and multiple cabins, C Lazy U offers more than enough room for everyone. Large family reunions can book the entire ranch, allowing you to truly customize your family reunion experience. Smaller groups can book individual rooms and full private cabins of varying sizes. With so many lodging options, there’s enough room for everyone to enjoy the reunion comfortably.  

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At C Lazy U, the entire family can enjoy endless entertainment, delicious meals, and quality bonding time. Make your next family reunion one to remember by contacting us today!  

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The beautiful bar and the friendliness (and amazing memory) of the primary bartender, Trent, made the experience like having an evening drink with your family. When you can walk into a bar, just chatting with a new friend for a few minutes, and the bartender walks over and doesn't say "What'll ya have?" but instead smiles like he means it, then calls you by name as he hands you your drink – that's special. It makes you feel like you're part of the C Lazy U family.

~ Stephen H., 09-21-2021

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