Shopping at Luis’ Old Place

LUIS PLACE (2)The “General Store” at the C Lazy U dude ranch is known as Luis’ Old Place. The store is sure to have all your western needs: shirts, coats, gloves, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, toys and games. Luis Old Place is the destination for C lazy U logo items as well as artifacts to brand by the campfire. The store also sells candy and items you may have forgotten to pack. Stop on by and browse a while.

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The Story of Petey & Wolf

Our very own Petey stars in this book by David Craig. Available now at Luis’ Old Place!

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What is it really like working at a horse ranch? Just ask Petey, a hardworking donkey who loves everything about his job at the C Lazy U Ranch in Colorado. Now, he shares his story in the lovable, lighthearted illustrated children’s book that offers animal-loving kids everywhere an educational, exciting journey into life on a horse ranch. It also shares an extraordinary tale of a friendship between a donkey and a horse.

Petey & Wolf follows a happy Sicilian donkey named Petey as he goes about his job at the C Lazy U Ranch. There, he gives donkey rides to young children, and pals around with a host of horses, including Buck the Buckskin and Lilly the Palomino.

But one day Petey encounters a little more excitement than usual when a strong current sweeps him downstream! Can he find a way to stop the water from carrying him off? As children root for Petey, they will discover a wealth of information about some beautiful, beloved animals, as well as the power of friendship to help others in need. Join Petey at the ranch – and have the ride of your life!