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Cozy & Thoughtful Ideas for a Winter Ranch Wedding

While summer may be the first choice for weddings, a winter wedding at a dude ranch such as C Lazy U may forever change your mind. When you couple C Lazy U’s snow-covered landscape and beautiful spaces with these charming, cozy and personal touches, you create a unique, memorable experience for you and your wedding guests.

winter ranch wedding ideas

Welcome With a Warm Drink

A drink to kick off the weekend is always welcome, but your guests may not be up for a cold drink after traveling through the snow. Welcome them to the ranch with some hot chocolate, which you can spike with your liqueur of choice for the adults.

If you’re especially fond of hot chocolate, you can serve it for dessert at the end of your wedding, too: set up a hot chocolate bar with all sorts of types of chocolate and toppings, such as milk, white or dark chocolate, peppermint and cinnamon sticks, marshmallow and whipped cream. You can even offer them a mug and hot cocoa mix as part of their goodie bag to take back to their cabins with them.

Host a Family-Friendly Competition

Hosting a winter wedding at a dude ranch means that many of the guests will not only just one, but multiple days of fun-filled winter activities. Make sure that everyone’s mixing and mingling and hold a spirited game such as ice hocking or sled races. Instead of pitting each side of the family against each other, mix the teams with members from each side of the soon-to-be-wed couple: it’s a perfect symbol of the blending of the two families.

Arrive or Depart by Horse-drawn Sleigh

Skip the fancy limousine — a horse-drawn sleigh is how to travel in style for a winter wedding at a dude ranch. You can deck out the sleigh in beautiful garlands, bows and a personal sign proclaiming “Just Married!” to add a touch of glamour to your ride. Make sure to use the sleigh in plenty of photographs: it’s the perfect picture for your thank-you cards!

Cold-Weather Welcome Bags for Guests

Guests that are staying overnight will be delighted to find a personalized goodie bag waiting for them in their cozy cabins. You can add all the standard items such as a bottle of water, breath mints, aspirin and snacks, but a few cold-weather items will make their stay even better. Include some lip balm, hand warmers, mittens, fuzzy socks, scarves, and tea, for example.

Cozy Cover-ups for the Wedding Party

Giving the bridal party a robe as a gift while getting ready has been trendy, but brides can opt to instead give them a cozy wrap to wear before, during and after the wedding. You can have them personalized with a small charm or specific stylized design, or you can give them each a unique one to make it even more personal. As a bonus, giving them a warm wrap to wear instead of their own coats will ensure all the bridesmaids stay warm during photographs — and still look the part of the bridal party!

Provide Snug Slippers Instead of Flip-Flops

No one wants to wear high heels or uncomfortable dress shoes all night! Many brides have been offering flip-flops for guests to wear during the reception, but it may be a little too cold for guests. Stuff a basket full of inexpensive slippers (those with some grip on the soles are best) in various sizes so that guests can dance all night long, no matter how cold it is.

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