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Why C Lazy U Is The Best Corporate Retreat Location In The West

February 29, 2024

Picture a place where meetings blend seamlessly with outdoor adventures, where team-building exercises unfold against the backdrop of majestic mountains, and where productivity flourishes in an atmosphere of authentic Western freedom. If you’re looking for a place to host a show-stopping team-building retreat or corporate event, look no further than C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Our all-inclusive, award-winning dude ranch and resort is the perfect business retreat location for your team to recalibrate, plan, and bond.

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A Stunning Setting

When you mention “corporate retreat” to your staff, do their eyes glaze over? Changing the setting of your event can make a world of difference in getting your team excited and immersed in your company’s retreat. With over 8,500 acres of land tucked into the heart of the Rocky Mountains, C Lazy U is the perfect backdrop for your team. If you’re worried that the great outdoors will be too distracting, think again: studies show that spending time outdoors increases creativity, problem-solving, and cognitive well-being!  

Sunset over the snow dusted ridges of C Lazy U

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Meeting Spaces for Every Team

To complement our 8,500 acres of land, C Lazy U has over 8,000 square feet of corporate meeting spaces built to accommodate groups of all sizes — and each meeting location features numerous indoor and outdoor breakout rooms so things don’t get stuffy. With wifi available throughout the property and audio/visual capabilities available upon request, your team can choose to either engage with technology or disconnect entirely, depending on your retreat’s goals. 

Meeting Room at C Lazy U for Corporate Retreats

Five-Star Accommodations

Some corporate retreat locations aren’t known for their sleeping quarters — but C Lazy U knows that if you’re going to work hard and play hard, you’re going to need a great night’s sleep. All of our lodgings provide a cozy, luxurious atmosphere and the highest level of comfort. In every room, guests can find robes, new western décor, soft linens, refrigerators, hot drink machines, high quality bath products, and real wood-burning fireplaces — because your team members deserve the highest caliber of rest & relaxation. 

five star accommodations at our dude ranch

Gourmet Dining

At C Lazy U, you can expect only the best when it comes to dining. Executive Chef Cory Untch and his team present a seasonally-inspired menu of elevated classics featuring farm-fresh ingredients and paired with our award-winning wine list. Come hungry!

gourmet food, wine and table settings at the C Lazy U dude ranch

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The Best Activities to Build the Best Teams

Although teams can bond while working alongside each other in the office, there’s no bonding experience quite like what C Lazy U offers. Our indoor and outdoor Western activities can accommodate small & large groups alike, so everyone can have fun getting to know each other a little better.

Ropes course tower at C Lazy U dude ranch
Navigating our ropes course teaches your group to help and trust each other – a perfect executive retreat exercise.

C Lazy U is an all-inclusive corporate retreat destination, which makes planning your event that much easier. Your team can participate in some of our most popular activities, like horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, archery, hatchet throwing, snow tubing, and more at no extra cost. If your group wants to keep the fun going at the end of the day, they can cook s’mores around a roaring campfire, swap stories over drinks at the bar, or pile into our heated pool & hot tub.  

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Travel is a Snap

C Lazy U may be in the woods, but transportation is a breeze. We’re situated within 30 minutes of two private airfields and a mere 90-minute drive from Denver International Airport. Additionally, teams can opt for the picturesque AMTRAK Passenger Rail Service to Granby, followed by a complimentary shuttle to the ranch property.

Colorado Mountains

How To Plan A Corporate Retreat At C Lazy U 

With years of experience in hosting corporate retreats and multiple hospitality awards under our belts, the C Lazy U team is well-versed in making memorable corporate events that redefine the work experience.

Guests of corporate retreat smile and pose for a group photo

To get the most out of your retreat, follow these steps: 

  • Determine the goals and objectives of your retreat 
  • Finalize your retreat budget 
  • Contact C Lazy U to book your company’s stay 
  • Work with C Lazy U staff to choose meeting spaces, make special requests, and coordinate on- and off-ranch activities
  • Experience an unforgettable corporate retreat and enjoy the benefits of bringing your team closer together 

Are you ready to plan a corporate retreat your team will never forget? Get in touch with our team to begin planning today! 

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