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Cory’s Kitchen: Spring 2022 Edition

Spring has sprung, and so have seasonal changes to C Lazy U’s gourmet menu. Spring in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains is especially short, and if you’re planning on taking a dude ranch vacation this spring, you’ll need to prepare for the sun, the snow, and everything in between. As you’re seeing the sights on horseback, relaxing … Continue Reading »

An Environmentally-Friendly Vacation with C Lazy U

Discover the Natural West The American West and the Rocky Mountains are awash with the sort of stunning beauty and splendor that only mother nature can create – and that’s why they’re the perfect destination for your next great getaway. 8,000 feet above sea level, you can breathe the freshest air and look at the … Continue Reading »

Your Wellbeing: The Dude Ranch Way

We’ve been thinking a lot about wellness lately, thanks to the good influence of Cathy Woods, the cowgirl/yogini who will be guiding the upcoming three-day Mind Body Equine retreat for women. In case you can’t make it to the retreat in May, we have plenty of other ways to nurture mind-body wellness all year round … Continue Reading »

Western Legends of Colorado

Characters Like No Other Colorado has a long and romantic history as a storied part of the American West. Many Western legends have spent time or made their mark in the great Centennial State, and so it’s no wonder that the spirit of the West is not only surviving in Colorado, but thriving. Stories of … Continue Reading »

Why Colorado is the Best Place for Your Next Vacation

Celebrate the Best of Colorado Did you know that March third is known in Colorado as “303 Day”? It’s also called Colorado Day, and marks a celebration of all things Coloradan… and there’s an awful lot to celebrate! The great Centennial State has a wealth of beauty, adventure, and excitement to be found in all … Continue Reading »

Birds of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are renowned for their incredible diversity of wildlife, and birds are certainly no exception. In addition to the many tame animals of the ranch and the breathtaking wild mammals you’ll observe, at C Lazy U Ranch resort you’ll be surrounded by some of the most incredible feathered creatures you’ll ever see (and … Continue Reading »

Plan Your Romantic Vacation at C Lazy U

It’s undeniable that the great outdoors is one of the most romantic places to spend time with your sweetheart. Countless poems and songs talk about the allure of the wild unknown, of being alone with the one you love under a velvet sky full of stars. There’s no question that nothing beats an adventure away … Continue Reading »

Relax And Unwind At The Lazy You Spa

C Lazy U dude ranch is famous for our exhilarating horseback rides, scenic views, and authentic western experiences. To strike the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure, escape to our beautiful Lazy You Spa. Set on the banks of Willow Creek, the beauty of our spa and the tranquility of our treatments will help you … Continue Reading »

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You’re ready to hit the trails and experience an all-inclusive taste of the authentic American West at C Lazy U Ranch. Congratulations, cowpoke! Fun, excitement, great grub, 8,500 acres of Rocky Mountain splendor, and a hoofed companion await you – along with an experience that perfectly blends modernity and historical magic. We know, you’re chompin’ … Continue Reading »

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From the Horse's Mouth

The beautiful bar and the friendliness (and amazing memory) of the primary bartender, Trent, made the experience like having an evening drink with your family. When you can walk into a bar, just chatting with a new friend for a few minutes, and the bartender walks over and doesn't say "What'll ya have?" but instead smiles like he means it, then calls you by name as he hands you your drink – that's special. It makes you feel like you're part of the C Lazy U family.

~ Stephen H., 09-21-2021

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