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Fire Update

June 30, 2012

The ranch reopened on April 1, 2021. For FAQs and updates regarding the situation, please visit this page.

Update October 24, 3:00 PM:

C Lazy U Ranch is currently closed and inaccessible due to the East Troublesome Fire and related evacuation. As of Friday, October 23, we understand portions of the Ranch have been impacted, including the loss of some member homes and a small number of ranch buildings. This continues to be an evolving situation, and we will provide more information as we have it, but are most grateful for the safe, preemptive evacuation of all guests, members, staff and ranch animals.

Our hearts are heavy at this moment, but we will rebuild. Our thoughts are with our neighbors impacted; our deepest gratitude goes out to the Grand County community, firefighters, first responders and authorities who have worked diligently to keep our community safe.

In the spirit of the West, C Lazy U Ranch – now 101 years old – looks forward to welcoming back guests for the next 100 years!

Update October 22, 8:15 AM:

The East Troublesome fire crossed Colorado Highway 125 on Wednesday, Oct.  21, and we believe C Lazy U Ranch was impacted.  We’re still assessing damage to the property and will provide more information as we have it. We’re grateful to report that the ranch preemptively and safely evacuated all guests, members, staff, and ranch animals last week as a precaution. 

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the Grand County community, firefighters, first responders, and authorities who are working diligently to keep the Ranch and the surrounding community safe.       

Check back here and on our social media channels for more updates as we continue to monitor the situation. 

Editor’s Note: The post below was from fires a few years ago. However since people have found it during the East Troubleshome Fire in 2020, we are now updating it with new information about the East Troublesome fire.

Thank you so much to all those of you that have called and emailed with your concerns for the ranch in regards to the many wildfires burning throughout Colorado. I am happy to report that the C Lazy U Ranch is no immediate danger (we are about 100 miles from the nearest fire), and with the exception of a few hours yesterday, we have not breathed a single bit of smoke either (which is great, because I’m a bit of an asthmatic, and I don’t think I’d be able to perform all my duties in smokey conditions!); in fact, we got rain yesterday, and the day before (we will, of course, need tons more, but we count each blessing as it comes)!

On the note of counting our blessings, we are about to dive into our 4th week of summer guests, and it’s been so nice to see so many familiar faces, and so many new ones (I have to say, the new guests we’ve gotten this year are very trainable- the amount of between meals snacks that I’ve been getting is awesome!!). We are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful extended family here, and yes, you are truly fortunate to have me… you’re welcome.

It’s about lunch time, so I’ll leave you all with this: We continue to pray for those who are being effected throughout the state, and the country, and send our hugs:

Two horses nuzzling

and kisses:

Closeup view of alpacca

I will continue to update you here, and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page too.

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17 responses to “Fire Update

  1. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you. Many of the happiest memories of my childhood were spent at the ranch. This was during the era of Katy and Dickie Schoenberger’s ownership And, of course, the fabulous teachings of Marion Palmer. No small feat in those days since I had a brace on my right leg. Later on I had surgeries which allowed me to use an artificial leg. Try to catch me now!
    Wonderful place. Wonderful employees. Delightful horses. Please take care of your dear selves. Will try to bring the family next summer. (Minus Covid).
    Love to all. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you for reaching out Mary! We just posted an update above, and will endeavor to keep everyone updated as we find out more. We do hope to see you next year, that would be wonderful!

  2. So sad! My wife and I and five children spent two weeks at C Lazy U about fifty years ago. The kids still talk about what fun we had. Especially dancing to the Salty Dog Rag.

  3. Many cherished memories were made for our family of seven during the 1980s and 90s. Here we are thirty-plus years later and still talking about the wonderful times we had at the
    C Lazy U Ranch.

    I will keep the ranch in my prayers during this difficult time.

  4. Our family were guests at the ranch for 13 years in the 70’s & 80’s. They were wonderful times. We made wonderful lifelong friends at the ranch. None of us will ever forget the ranch as long as we live! I still could tell you some great stories! Truly. We wish everyone well & hope the ranch stays safe from these devastating fires.

  5. God bless praying for your safety and of course all of the wonderful animals that make CLU special. We have such great memories with our family at the CLU. We just saw the news about the fire. Praying for all.

  6. Last Year around in October I fell in love with CLazyU Ranch. Everyone was so positive and made my long adult only weekend such a wonderful experience!! It was very healing to be there!! I pray that all are safe and minimal damage to you and all outlying neighbors! God Bless you all and I’ll keep you and animals in my prayers!

  7. Over thirty years ago we fell in love with CLU and now our son was able to recreate those wonderful memories with his own family during the summer of 2019. We pray for your entire ranch family including those wonderful four legged ones. May God give you strength and peace.

  8. Our Dad brought our family to the C lazy U in the late 60’s and we continued coming back for many more years.
    We have so many memories of Katie, The Fisher brothers, Dawn, and the person who truly taught us all how to ride Marion Palmer. It wasn’t a summer unless we went to the Ranch!

    Such great times we had there that have lasted my brother and I over 50 years in pictures we have and many many memories we still talk about.

    We send you all our prayers that god gives you strength during this difficult time,

    Be Well

  9. I worked in the Kitchen as a cook and then kitchen manager from 1993 until somewhere around. 1997-1998. I have many fond memories of CLU. My favorite was driving up 125 at 4:30-5:00 in the morning and I got to watch the wranglers driving the 200 head of horses across the highway down the road to the corral. Loved Marion and listening to her stories. C Lazy U will come back from this. My thoughts are with all of those who lost their homes and lively hoods to this fire. I will cherish always my memories of my time spent working there. I met so many people and I still remember the fun that was had. Hang tough C Lazy U Family.
    Jill Harms

  10. I extend my deepest sympathy to the Ranch collectively. Reading about the losses brought back, again, my memories of the 4 summers I worked there for Katy and Dick Schoenberger in the early 50’s. Some names are still with me, Liela Reese (sp?), Marion Palmer, Dawn Cone, Joan and Bob Heide and Howie Clark. My prayers are for a complete recovery and successful seasons in the future. Peter Haesler

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