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Family Vacationist Features the C Lazy U Ranch for Epic Multigenerational Vacations

Family Vacationist Features the C Lazy U Ranch for Epic Multigenerational Vacations

March 4, 2024

We’re happy to share coverage of C Lazy U in a piece published by Family Vacationist. The article, “Considering a Multigenerational Vacation? These 5 Epic Trips Will Satisfy Everyone from Grandparents to Grandkids,” positions the ranch as an authentic western experience for families, highlighting the horseback riding, Shodeo, fly fishing and winter activities. The article also describes the jingle as one of the most memorable parts of the guest experience.

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Embark on a journey unlike any other at C Lazy U Ranch, where horseback riding isn't just an activity — it’s a breathtaking opportunity to connect with nature and the authentic spirit of the American West. While there are numerous dude ranches across the country, few match the dedication and care we put into our…

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From the Horse's Mouth

I participated in the Julie Goodnight Clinic and loved every single minute. As a fairly new rider, I was worried that I would get overwhelmed or feel left behind, but instead I learned so much from instructors and participants. This experience was well beyond my expectations. I seriously have no complaints about course structure or content. I've already been using some of the skills I learned and my horses and I are more connected and I can tell my riding has improved 10x. Just can't say enough good things about Julie and her team. If the sessions were spread out to 5 days, I would be onboard because it was pretty intense (although I think it was exactly what I needed as a newer rider).

~ Melissa H., 10-25-2021

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