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C Lazy U Celebrates 100 Years on the Ranch

It’s hard to believe that it has already been a century since C Lazy U first opened its ranch to guests — but with 100 years of accommodations comes so many memories we wanted to share and celebrate!

lodge at night with fireworks

Our luxurious dude ranch in Granby, Colorado, was originally purchased in 1919 by Wilson Smillie, and it was run by his brother Jack. Back in the day, the ranch was called F Slash Ranch, and it offered a few small houses for guests to stay in. In 1920, Jack purchased the ranch and expanded it to accommodate about 25 people.

In 1946, the ranch acquired a new name, the one we proudly call it today: C Lazy U. A year later, the Lodge on the ranch was built, followed by an even bigger expansion of the building. With the need to offer additional space and more activities for guests, the Patio House and our swimming pool broke ground.

Although the ownership of C Lazy U has changed throughout the ranch’s history, there’s one commonality: offering a western lifestyle experience that creates incredible memories for our guests.

In addition to offering that western charm the ranch has presented from the start, our list of activities and experiences has expanded greatly in the past 100 years. We now have an award-winning spa, a general store housed in an old donkey barn, some of the best Colorado hiking, and a variety of guided outdoor activities for the whole family.

Additional Fun Facts About C Lazy U Ranch:

Did you know that C Lazy U is a working ranch all year long? Our animals at C Lazy U aren’t just for show. We have 200 horses, 30 cows, and two donkeys that we care for, and they’re a big part of the C Lazy U family.

Speaking of our well-loved animals, Petey the donkey is a famous face at both the ranch and throughout the nation. He even enjoys checking out the Rockies opening day game. When you’re not visiting Petey at the ranch, you can find him in General Manager David Craig’s children’s book, Petey & Wolf.

C Lazy U may be a Colorado vacation spot for people from all over the world, but it has a diverse purpose. Our five-diamond and five-star ranch is a beautiful location for weddings, and we host them year round! Many wedding parties rent out the entire ranch to offer accommodations for their wedding guests from out of town. Besides weddings, we’re a top Colorado film location for advertisements, movies, and other productions.

Come Celebrate 100 Years with Us:

We’re thrilled to invite guests to celebrate with C Lazy U all year long. This summer, we’ll be hosting weekly fireworks shows for guests. We are offering several dude ranch vacation packages throughout the year for guests and families who want to celebrate the ranch that offers a western culture, delicious gourmet meals, activities for the whole family and more.

A Year-Round Toast to C Lazy U

To kick off the celebration, join us for “A Year-Round Toast to C Lazy U.” We’re partnering with Leopold Bros., a locally-owned and operated distillery, to concoct some western-inspired cocktails and offer an unforgettable ranch experience.

This package includes:

  • Luxury cabin accommodations
  • Daily horseback riding and family-friendly activities
  • Gourmet meals
  • Two Bougie Bootleggers, C Lazy U’s $100 anniversary cocktail featuring the ranch’s exclusive supply of Leopold Bros. four-year Straight Bourbon
  • Custom C Lazy U 100th Anniversary Whiskey Decanter and 2 Commemorative Whiskey High Ball Glasses

This C Lazy U Land Is Your Land

Our “This C Lazy U Land Is Your Land” package will give guests and their families an extra special experience. C Lazy U is currently partnering with the National Forest Service to help rebuild areas of the land that have been impacted by Bark Beetles. To commemorate this rebuilding, this package will give each family a plank of beetle wood recovered from the forest — with the family’s brand on one side and ours on the other.

Additionally, this package includes:

  • The opportunity to create your own family brand before your arrival, with the help and consultation of a ranch concierge
  • The opportunity to brand your hats, boots and more while on property
  • The ability to take your family brand home when you leave for future use
  • Luxury cabin accommodations
  • Daily horseback riding and family-friendly activities
  • Gourmet meals

The best part about this package is that you do not need to sign up for it, guests who book a stay throughout our Centennial year are welcome to these perks!

Trains, Horses & The Wild West

Finally, C Lazy U’s “Trains, Horses & The Wild West” package is perfect for families who want an adventure intertwined with history and the western culture.

This package includes:

  • Roundtrip tickets for the entire family on the Winter Park Train from Denver’s Union Station, directly to C Lazy U’s hometown of Granby, Colorado
  • A mailed copy of “C Lazy U Ranch, 1919-2019: A History” written by Thomas J. “Dr. Colorado” Noel and the ranch’s general manager, David Craig
  • If your party includes children you will receive a mailed copy of C Lazy U’s “Petey and Wolf” children’s book, written by the ranch’s general manager, David Craig
  • Two Bougie Bootleggers, C Lazy U’s $100 anniversary cocktail featuring the ranch’s exclusive supply of Leopold Bros. four-year Straight Bourbon
  • Transportation to C Lazy U from the Granby train station
  • A stay at the ranch during its hallmark 100th anniversary in luxury cabin accommodations
  • Daily horseback riding and family-friendly activities
  • Gourmet meals

For the Trains, Horses & Wild West Package please see the Specials Page for Details.

As we celebrate 100 years of C Lazy U ranch, we want to say thank you to our guests, staff, and everyone else who’s a part of our cowboy community. Learn more about C Lazy U’s history, and come stay with us during our 100-year celebration!  

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