Kids Age 6-12 at C Lazy U


The 6-12 program focuses on horseback riding. Kids have their own horse for the duration of their stay. The children experience the freedom of the great outdoors and make lifelong friends in the process. Activities include:

  • Horseback rides-morning and afternoon, including an on-the-trail lunch twice a week
  • Family horseback ride
  • Three extended outings including a hamburger cookout with traditional s’mores
  • Group construction of a real Teepee
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Archery
  • Hayrides
  • Fishing
  • Pool parties
  • Shodeo, our family rodeo at the end of the week featuring competitive equestrian events
  • Counselor hunt
  • Capture the flag
  • Paddle boating
  • Tennis
  • Western themed games, both on & off horseback
  • Kids Carnival, which includes kid-prepared events for parents
  • Cookout dinner with mom & dad
  • Talent show
  • Ice cream bar
  • Lifelong friendships!

Safety is the number one priority at the C Lazy U Ranch. While the minimum riding age for children is 6 years old, the C Lazy U Ranch reserves the right to remove any child from a horse, and place them in the cowpokes program, should an assessment indicate the child does not demonstrate the necessary skills or maturity to ride a horse safely on his/her own.

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rodeo winners