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Corporate Retreat Showdown: What’s Better?

When the announcement is made that a corporate retreat is on the team agenda, the most typical response is a groan — not many employees want to take a vacation with their colleagues for icebreakers and trust falls in a hotel far from home.

But many companies have taken these complaints to heart and have begun to design corporate retreats that their employees actually want to take part in. From luxury camping to escape rooms in the middle of a glitzy city, corporate retreats aren’t what they used to be. Still, compared to all the other options, a corporate retreat at a dude ranch such as C Lazy U has them all beat.

Public Space vs. Private Space

If you’ve rented out some rooms in a large hotel downtown, there will be hundreds of other people roaming around. Those who have planned outings to a sports event, for example, may find that their team members are too busy watching the game or only chatting with those directly next to them to bother introducing themselves to newer colleagues. Both of these types of corporate retreats offer the opportunity to socialize, of course — but not always with each other.

Dude ranches often have limited capacity, allowing those visiting for the week to truly get to know one another — which is, after all, one of the main goals of a corporate retreat. C Lazy U Ranch is roomy (over 8,500 acres, that is!) but restricts the number of guests staying at the ranch at any given time. This allows guests to develop closer bonds than ever to their colleagues.

Fancy Affair vs. Laidback Leisure

It may be fun to treat employees to luxury living but that can backfire, forcing employees to be on their very best behavior to make sure they don’t make a misstep. Workwear can be uncomfortable, so it may not be wise to force employees out of their comfort wear for days at a time.

While C Lazy U Ranch features gourmet dining and service that’s fit for royalty, there’s no need to wear suits and skirts — in fact, that will only hinder you from enjoying everything that the ranch as to offer.

Forced Fun vs. Free to Roam

Perhaps a member of your team is not a puzzler; they’ll hate the forced inclusion in an escape room. Alternatively, one of your employees may not be the athlete some of the other participants are, and they’re forced to relive their worst days in gym class.

Many other destinations for corporate retreats either do not provide activities, meaning you need to schedule them yourself at other venues, or the options they have are limited. By choosing an all-inclusive dude ranch, you’re giving them the opportunity to do what they want. C Lazy U offers a huge array of ranch activities, no matter what season it is: horseback riding, fly fishing, ice skating and, last but not least, the Lazy You Spa.

Travel Around vs. Stay Where You Are

Getting to and from the different scheduled activities or dinners outside of the hotel or resort can take a lot of time: you need to round everyone up, get them transportation, and finally start the activity or start chowing down.

At C Lazy U, all guests need to do is mosey on over to the right cabin. Though the ranch is large, no one needs to hop in a cab to get from the Lazy You Spa to the barn. All that time saved traveling is more time having fun and getting to know one another.

Same-Old, Same-Old vs. Custom Corporate Event

Unless you’re shelling out big bucks to host the swankiest shindig your company can afford, chances are high that you’ll be getting the same package that every other company has gotten before. Dude ranches, C Lazy U Ranch included, can provide custom itineraries that are crafted especially for your company, your objectives and the type of guests you’ll have. There’s no standard corporate retreat at C Lazy U Ranch — it’s all been designed for you.

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